How to understand the context of longer life expectancy for the over-60s, adapting the service strategy and making the business more inclusive?


Financial institution
Philanthropy strategy


We aligned understanding of the value proposition of existing programs and their adaptation to the new needs of the over-60s, which were identified in partnership with them, through research and with specialists. We evaluated current provision of services for the over 60s and recommendations for new possibilities of working with them.



Understanding the current context of increasing life expectancy for the over-60s and a rapid change in the age pyramid over the coming years helped the institution to assess possible impacts and opportunities in business, society and organizations. The identification of a new range of needs for the current cohort of over-60s allowed the institution to rethink its performance in relation to this group.


“Prowa's team allowed our ideas to hatch. They gave shape to what used to be only ideas and wishes.“

—  Head of Sustainability